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Listening to the influence of sound advice keeps you in the winner's circle.


1.)You will get the inside scoop on the latest cutting edged information that gives you and your partners the edge on overcoming obstacles with ease once you hear him speak at your latest event

2.)You will learn Vernon's practical secret to success with the assess, address, and progress formula and how to apply it to your life even when it appears that you have no idea where to turn.


3.)You will thrive when he shows you how to apply the most straightforward three-step formula to overcome any obstacle. 

Vernon is the award-winning author of the book, The Unstoppable Soul! A New York Times Top


Taking Your Business to
the Next Level

Business Plans

You will grow your business with practical knowledge that encourages success for action-takers.

 Goal Setting

Vernon Leads a keynote speech on executing actionable steps by educating clients about the skills it takes to complete specific tasks to achieve desired results.

Take Action

He is humble as he shows the benefits and perks you have for life by getting desired results from actions taken to after learning his simple three three-step formula..

We’re Good with Numbers

10 years or more of accumulated living knowledge and fact based research data for categories concerning poverty, wealth, mental health and wellness in my arsenal.



Years of Corporate Experience including Class A endorsed credential,driven over 40 of the 50 U.S. States


Years of sales experience began for me the first day I came to this planet and convinced my mom and dad to feed me as a child. Ever since then I was convinced that I have the ability to convince someone to try something new. Book me! You won't regret it!



Our Experts Are the Finest

About me: A small-town city guy who loves to explore the possibilities of life that managed to obtain a BA in Science, Interdisciplinary Studies with an expert level of confidence and diligence in overcoming obstacles.  I share vital life experiences and facts of what has made me successful under conditions that defeat odds that point to failure without reward.  The audience does not want to miss one moment of what I have to share.  I can change lives.  Bumps and bruises that I have experienced happened for a reason.  I am the cheat code the audience can use to overcome just about anything.  That is why booking me is a no-brainer.  Everybody wins! Book is available online. Click here ---> People Stuff

Let's start with building a solid foundation!


My life is one big miracle. I share too! Could you use a miracle today? 
Call on me for your next speaking event!

Keyboard and Mouse

If this formula helped me get through this, It can help you too!

This formula works 24/7. I wish I could've shared this formula with them before hand. I didn't crash! It is like you see things before they happened using this formula.

On the day of this horrible crash on
I-65, I was able
to apply the
assess, address
and progress formula just moments before this point, miraculously unscathed! You leave yourself
a way out!

To purchase the course click


Let’s Work Together

To Book Vernon Vaughn, write to or call at

1300 Perry Ave # 85162

Racine, WI 53406

Phone: (262)256-0046


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Love the skin you're in! The Assess, Address & Progress formula can help inspire you to take loving who you were created to be to the next level. 

Everyone matters and has something to contribute to the universe! Let's make what matters count! Learn how, "The A.A.P Formula" works. Book me to speak at your next event, because
celebrating what matters makes a huge difference!


Cathy T.

"Vernon has a charismatic voice that has to be spoken and heard.  It's a voice for the people.  He is knowledgeable and believable.  What a breath of fresh air for our times!"

Maurice H.

"Vernon is truly energetic about life.  He enjoys what he does to the full and is very passionate about taking life by the horns and not taking one moment for granted!  Check him out!"  

                         Sarai N.


"Vernon is an understanding man.  His heart and character as a person reflect in all that I have seen him do.  He displays honesty and a profound depth of compassion and understanding in all he does."

Yusef M.

"I asked Vernon, what is Overcomer's Group LLC?  He responds it is a person, place, or thing of real substance at the end of the day!" 

Shannell T.
"It makes me happy to have the opportunity to call him my friend. He has been there for me through a number of different things in my life from grieving to relationship problems. He always helps me see the brighter side of any situation that I talk to him about.  My own personal Mr. Rogers lol.
I love you best friend!"

                             Paul J.

 said, "You sir are one most awesome, positive, uplifting, and motivational personalities under heavenly watch. It is a great experience to have met you and now know you and have you as a part of my life in friendship. I hope that God continues to use you to reach, inspire and advise others as you so oftentimes do. Keep up the great work that you and never be weary in well doing as you are an instrumental great work and inspiration to others.  Always be blessed!" 

                            Eric P.

"Vernon is very reliable and I would use his services again.  I would also refer him to my group of business owners to use!"

What people are saying!

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